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Bétta Silk Towel (Baby Bath)
Bétta Silk Towel (Baby Bath)
Bétta Silk Towel (Baby Bath)
Bétta Silk Towel (Baby Bath)
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Bétta Silk Towel (Baby Bath)


A towel made of silk from the cocoons of Japanese Oak Silkmoths.
Silk from the Japanese oak Silkmoth is known for its fantastic properties. The silk fibers contain nano-sized pockets of air, which give the material ""quick drying,"" ""lightweight,"" ""UV blocking"" and ""deodorizing"" effects, to name but a few.
This Bétta silk towel made with this special silk offer excellent moisture absorption and quick drying and are very hygienic and resistant to musty smells. A towel that's ideal for the hectic lifestyle of a new baby.
A slightly smaller bath towel that's just the right size to cover your baby.
The bright blue and green combination makes bath time with baby even more fun.
Its small size makes it perfect for carrying around with you.

Silk 17%
Cotton 83%

600mm × 1000mm

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