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[Store Exclusive] Trial set containing wide mouth glass baby bottle "ROYAL BOTTLE" Heat-resistant glass "wide mouth type 120ml" baby bottle, white horse hair "cleaning brush" that can wash even the corners of the baby bottle, This set includes items recommended for childbirth preparation that support formulating and cleaning milk, such as a "milk case" that can measure and store three doses of powdered milk, and a "muddler" that can thoroughly dissolve milk that is difficult to dissolve.

Comes with a trial size of ``Sugar Wash'', a natural and plant-based gentle cleaning agent extracted from sugar cane and palm. Delivered in a gorgeous premium box that makes a great gift. Recommended not only for home use, but also as a baby gift.

``Achieving the ideal breastfeeding position'' That is the reason for the curve of Dr. Betta baby bottles. The Dr. Betta baby bottle, invented by an American pediatrician, has grown into an even better product by repeatedly improving the material and nipple while being particular about being made in Japan. Our history of receiving the Kids Design Award and the Good Design Award is proof of our reliable quality.

Special feature: Glass wide-mouth baby bottle ROYAL BOTTLE →

Product specifications

Product name Dr. Betta Baby Bottle [Brain Wide Mouth] Royal Glass Set
set content Baby bottle [Brain wide mouth] ROYAL BOTTLE 120ml
Baby bottle brush set
Milk Case Castle (Pale Pink)
Muddler Sceptre (pink)
・Cleaning agent Sugar wash 30ml
・Premium gift box M
・Shop card (welcome baby)

*The color of the heart pin may change.

●Betta's heat-resistant glass baby bottle

The functional and beautiful form of the heat-resistant glass "Dr. Betta Baby Bottle" is difficult to mass produce using machines, so skilled glass craftsmen in Japan carefully hand-shape each bottle for babies.

Each piece is handmade by a craftsman
I don't hesitate to throw away anything that has a slightly unsatisfactory finish because it's something a baby will use. We maintain high quality through thorough safety management. A carefully made glass baby bottle with the hope that it will be cherished for a long time. The health of babies and the peace of mind of mothers are supported by the skill and spirit of craftsmen.

Thorough safety management

Glass baby bottles made by Japanese craftsmen →

●Reason for the curve

The Dr.Betta baby bottle has a unique curve that controls the posture during breastfeeding to be the same as when breastfeeding.
Being able to drink milk with your head upright prevents milk from flowing into your Eustachian tubes, making it safe for your ears. The natural posture allows milk to flow smoothly into the esophagus, preventing aspiration. Bubbles escape upward along the curve, reducing swallowing of air and reducing burping.

Wide mouth type

Dr. Betta's wide-mouth type has the advantages of Dr. Betta baby bottles: ``Safe for the ears + Prevents aspiration + Reduces burping'', but is also easy to wash, easier to prepare, and has a texture similar to that of mom's breasts when sucked. It is a baby bottle that is closer to the baby bottle. In addition, the chubby shape is stable and does not easily fall over, making it comfortable to use when formulating milk.

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