Thank you for your continued patronage of Dr. Bétta baby bottles.
Below is information about the Chinese notation of Dr. Bétta baby bottles.

The Dr. Bétta baby bottles manufactured and sold by Zoom Tea Co., Ltd. will be referred to as "Toku".
Currently, we have received reports that there is a similar product labeled 贝太 in China, but this has nothing to do with our products.

We cannot guarantee products other than genuine products purchased from Betta Baby Store or authorized dealers.
When purchasing Dr. Bétta baby bottles, please be sure to purchase them at the Bétta Baby Store or authorized retailers.

We will continue to collect information and report as soon as new information becomes available so that customers can use Dr. Bétta baby bottles with peace of mind. Thank you for your understanding.

July 3, 2017 Tomoko Kawai Representative Director ZOOM T Co., Ltd.

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