Thank you for your continued patronage of "Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle".

Our company, ZOOM T. Co., Ltd., is working hard to acquire legitimate trademark rights in the People's Republic of China in order to deal with counterfeit Dr. Bétta baby bottles and related items found in the People's Republic of China. .

This time, we were able to obtain a favorable judgment for our company in an administrative lawsuit at the Beijing Intellectual Property Court.
In the future, we are confident that the lawsuit will reach a conclusion as soon as possible in order to acquire the trademark rights of our company, which is the legitimate right holder.

We will continue to make further efforts to eradicate counterfeit products so that customers can use Dr. Betta baby bottles with peace of mind. We would like to ask all of you who have patronized our Bin to continue to be aware of counterfeit products manufactured by other companies.

I will let you know more.

April 1, 2016 Tomoko Kawai Representative Director Zoom T Co., Ltd.

Endeavor to eliminate counterfeit goods

Thank you for your continued support for “Doctor Betta baby bottles”.

In corresponding to the recent discovered about the counterfeit of “Doctor Betta baby bottles”, we are in the process of applying the trademark in Mainland China.

The case of counterfeit was prosecuted through Beijing's Property Court and we obtained a favorable judgement. We believe that with the result of the proceedings and as an intellectual property owner, the application of our trademark could be granted without a doubt.

We hope that our customers would continue using our “Doctor Betta baby bottles” without any hesitation and our company would continue using our best endeavors to eliminate any counterfeit to our products.
As the loyal customers of ZOOM・T, we also hope that you would continue paying attention to all counterfeit goods sold by other companies.

Thank you for your kind attention.

April 1, 2016
Tomoko Kawai
Zoom.T Co., Ltd.

Efforts are made to extinguish the fake goods

Thanks to the landlord, I have been in love with “DOCTOR BETTA Keihei” ever since.

ZOOM T Co., Ltd. has been working on the processing of the "DOCTOR BETTA bottle" and other related products in the People's Republic of China.

After this, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court passed an administrative ruling in favor of the company.
In the future, we will confirm the following communication, and we will make a conclusion as soon as possible after the commercial negotiations with the rightful beneficiary.

Customers who want to use "DOCTOR BETTA 奶夶", the company will continue to make efforts to eliminate the evil products.
For customers of ZOOM・T "DOCTOR BETTA", please be careful about adding counterfeit products from other companies in the future.

Special notice.

April 1, 2016 ZOOM・T Co., Ltd.
Chairman Tomoko Kawai