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Bétta Mane Brush Premium
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Bétta Mane Brush Premium


The brush is made of 100% horsehair, which is both fine and soft. The supple and elastic natural horsehair smooths hair and skin and improves firmness. It of course will help smooth out your baby's fine hair but can also be used by adults as a body brush. The body of the brush is made of beech wood. Beech wood is strong and supple. The wood used in the brush handle has been very well-received. Horse mane hair is the softest of all horsehair and is famous for being used on our delicate skin. This is a brush that can be used for years.

Bristles: Horsehair
Body: Beech wood
*As this product uses natural ingredients, the texture, color and finish of the product may differ from the product photo.


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