Bétta Trademark Acquisition Press Release

On September 6, 2019, ZoomT Co., Ltd. held a press conference at the China-Asia Economic Development Association in Beijing.
At the press conference, we invited Chinese medical professionals and mass media to announce plans to open a flagship store on JD.com and to open an offline exhibition space.

Bétta Bété Exhibition SpaceAzhou Trade Museum Bétta MuseumInside the music theme park of Biliqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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At the press conference, it was also announced that Zoom T Co., Ltd. was able to acquire the trademark rights for "Bétta" in China.
Representative Kawai conveyed to the people of China the thoughts of Bétta, which will continue to strive to provide better services for the healthy growth of all babies.

We have prepared a page introducing Bétta in Chinese (simplified). Please check it out.

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2019.9.9 Zoom.T Co.,Ltd. held a press conference in Beijing (China) to support the opening of JD.com's flagship store and the achievement of registering the trademark “Bétta” within People's Republic of China.

In front of Chinese medical professionals and the local media, the Japanese company announced that it was opening its flagship store with JD.com as an exhibition space offline.
The display space introduces all Bétta's products, a whole nursing lineup caring for babies and parents.Come and experience the feel of Bétta's unique craftsmanship!

Bétta Exhibition space
Yazhou Trade Museum Bétta MuseumInside Music Theme Park of Baliqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing

The Japanese manufacturer also announced they had successfully obtained the registration for their trademark “Bétta” in China.
Addressing the new mothers and fathers of the People of China, the CEO of Bétta, Tomoko Kawai expressed how her brand thrives for the best products to help every baby to grow healthy.

For this occasion a page of information around Bétta has been prepared in Chinese (Simplified). Be sure to read its content:

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2019.9.9 China (Beijing) China (Beijing) China Newspaper Exhibition, Xenpu Beijing East flagship store opened and acquired domestic "Bétta" commercial mark

On September 6, 2019, Zoom.T Co., Ltd. held a newspaper publication meeting in Beijing, China.
The publication meeting has been completed by Chinese medical practitioners and media personnel, and has been announced by Bétta (special) research at the JD.com flagship store and on-line exhibition related matters.

Bétta Exhibition Hall Asia Zhou Trade Museum Bétta MuseumBaliqiao Music Theme Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing

This publication was issued by Zoom.T Co., Ltd. and acquired the Chinese domestic “Bétta” commercial label.
To Mr. Kawai, CEO of the company, China's big brother, Bétta's quality brand spirit -- "To achieve global health growth, continue to work hard to provide better service in the future".

Regarding the Bétta product, we have prepared the Chinese (simplified) introduction page. Please take a look.

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