Bétta flagship store opens in Jingdong

On September 23, 2019, the online flagship store of the baby brand 'Bétta', which includes Dr. Bétta baby bottles, officially opened at JD.com!
In order to help all babies and families to protect and nurture them, we will continue to introduce Bétta 蓓特 products such as the Dr. Bétta Baby Bottle, which allows you to reproduce the same breastfeeding posture as when breastfeeding!

We have prepared a page introducing Bétta in Chinese (simplified). Please check it out.
>>Bétta brand page

We will continue to announce official information about Bétta 蓓特 from the official WeChat account.
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Bétta flagship store opening on JD.com !

Bétta, a baby brand selling Dr Bétta's baby bottles and more, has officially opened a flagship online store on JD.com on September 23, 2019.We offer Bétta (蓓特) products including Dr Bétta's baby bottles, which mimics the position taken by a mother during breastfeeding, to aid all babies and the families that protect and raise them.

For this occasion a page of information around Bétta has been prepared in Chinese (Simplified). Be sure to read its content:
>>Betta brand page

In the future, any official information from the Chinese news feed from Bétta (蓓特) will be announced directly on their official WeChat account:
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Betta flagship store on line Beijing

"Bétta" online flagship store on September 23, 2019 official line on JD.com in Tokyo!
Because it's a treasure, it's a family support, and we're the main doctor Bétta bottle and other Bétta series products.

Regarding the Bétta product, we have prepared the Chinese (simplified) introduction page. Please take a look.
>>Bétta brand information page

In the future, Bétta's official information will be published on the official micro-signature, so please check back.
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